ARBORTECH is 25! We are approaching a quarter of a century providing the highest quality tree service to our loyal customers – Cape Cod home and business owners. We are proud of our reputation for total and consistent commitment to quality and service. We are a fast-growing, owner-operated company; well-established and highly competitive. Arbortech is proud to be closely affiliated with the wonderful folks at Barnstable County Extension Service – always a great source of help, advice and support.

Our Landscape Division continues to grow and prosper in its fourth year of operation. To schedule any of ARBORTECH’s landscape services, please fill out and mail us the enclosed Landscape Div. Service Selection Guide form.

Beginning shortly, ARBORTECH will be spraying for the suppression of Gypsy Moths. Call to schedule this service while the caterpillars are immature enough to be eliminated. Due to our diligence, the problem of Gypsy Moths has now become more manageable. However, if you have had a problem in the past, you should consider this treatment again. Don’t forget ARBORTECH’s treatment for Turpentine Beetles – a two-time application designed to control the problem. With an application of dormant oil spray early this season, we can prevent insects from damaging your trees. ARBORTECH’s Dormant Oil Spraying Program has proven successful to our customers. The time to spray is late March/early April, before the bud break. We are scheduling now for this important service.

The Hemlock Wooley Adelgid remains rampant here on the Cape. This adelgid can be devastating for hemlocks; fatal if not treated properly. Call us to examine your plants to see if treatment is needed.

In early December 2003, on a fairly mild day, we noticed “clouds of white” – especially along stretches of Route 6A. The mass of flying bugs was thick and highly visible. These critters are known as “Winter Moth”. The caterpillar stage emerges in early spring – crawls to the end of branches and decimates the newly growing foliage. A huge population has now been documented and we highly recommend spraying to control the situation. Refer to the Springtime Service Selection Guide & Spraying Authorization form.

Last summer’s severe heat may have caused shock or damage to a number of your trees and shrubs. Deep Root Feeding would be most beneficial to the longevity and health of your landscape, which may have been damaged due to drought.

To schedule ARBORTECH’s Annual Spraying, simply fill out the enclosed Springtime Service Selection Guide & Spraying Authorization form and drop it in the mail before the end of March.

Right now, during the winter months when trees, especially pines, are in their dormant stage, is an excellent time to do pruning. The limbs are easily visible without leaves and precise pruning can be accomplished.

Best Regards,

Ted Brown, President


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